These rare Native Australian rainforest teas are grown in the pristine Byron Bay Hinterland. They contain powerful medicinal properties. They are packed full of antioxidants, are highly anti-bacterial and are endemic to Australia. 


Aniseed Myrtle leaves are full of essential oils, containing the highest known concentration of anethole, the compound that gives them their sweet licorice flavor. These miracle leaves are known for their superior antioxidant capacity, containing 5 times more antioxidants than blueberries, along with several times more ..

+Lutein (important for eye health)



+ Vitamin E

+ Vitamin C

+ Zinc

+ Folate

+ Chlorophyll a and b (major pigment present is plants, playing a vital role in reducing oxidative stress in the human body).

The amazing benefits these little super leaves have to offer is becoming highly recognised in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and tea industries.


Why is Lemon Myrtle good for you?

So fragrant and refreshing, Lemon Myrtle truly is one powerful plant, containing the highest, strongest, purest, source of natural Citral on earth. Citral is the fragrant liquid present in limes, lemons, oranges etc. Lemon Myrtle contains 90-98% Citral within its essential oil, compared to less than 10% in a lemon. The high concentration of Citral found in these miracle leaves holds the key to amazing health benefits.

 Click here to discover Lemon Myrtle's amazing health benefits!

+ Lutein (a vitamin which plays an important role in eye health) 

+ Vitamin A

+ Vitamin E

+ Zinc

+  Magnesium

+ Iron

+ Omega 3 and 6

+ Calcium

+ Antioxidants


Its sometimes hard to believe all the benefits of natural products but we only source those proven by modern science! For those who like to see for themselves there are a couple of links below  to peer reviewed scientific journals!





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